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  • skunkbear:

    Thanks to the hundreds of people who sent me their photos of the lunar eclipse! I used a lot of the photos (though not all — I’ve received a lot more since I put this together) to make this cross-country 20 fps time lapse.

    The title card comes from Max Corneau (aka AstroDad) who camped out in Rockwall, TX and managed to get this terrific shot at totality before the clouds closed in.

    Ron Pope in Abilene, TX caught a very spooky shot of the October moon rising from the mist.

    I love the “moon bounce" images that Brittney Maehl sent me from Beloit, WI. She told me: “Trying to capture the Blood Moon as an amateur WITHOUT a tripod was like making the ultimate sniper shot!” Luckily she was Navy-trained, so she got some great steady shots as well that I included in the time lapse.

    The last shot is from flickr user slworking2. He says, “I used the tracking mount from an old telescope to follow the moon - and this allowed for a sharply-focused exposure.”

    It was wonderful to get your photos (there were so many cool ones I couldn’t highlight specifically) and to hear your stories of blood moon hunting. Thanks again!

    ICYMI: Why are blood moons red, anyway?

  • globeandmail:

    One major contributing factor to the Lac-Mégantic tragedy was a bottleneck of oil coming from North Dakota. Since pipelines were delayed, oil producers started using freight trains to transport oil.  More information here.

  • prostheticknowledge:

    INFOGRAPHIC: China’s high-speed rail vision

    The South China Morning Post has put together an infographic visualizing a potentional cross-continental high-speed rail network that would not only connect London to China, but also America and Singapore:

    China is proposing five high-speed international railway networks that would ultimately connect the UK at one end, America at another and Singapore in the south, with China in the centre. The large number of countries involved requires Herculean efforts of diplomacy, technology and economics.

    More at South China Morning Post here

    (via emergentfutures)

  • digithoughts:

    The average user now picks up their device more than 1,500 times a week | Daily Mail

    That’s over 200 times a day. A wee bit too many, don’t you think?

    In an average week, research has discovered that the average user pick ups their phone more than 1,500 times a week. The average owner uses this device for three hours and sixteen minutes each day - or the equivalent of almost one full day a week. Many owners also confessed to finding themselves using their phone without realising they are doing so, with two thirds saying they have managed to log in and browse Facebook without thinking.

    Photo: Microsoft

  • fastcompany:

    Google Is Inventing Screens That Snap Together Like Lego

    What if you could build a giant screen from countless tiny ones? Google is trying to enable just that.

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